Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Buy a Town on eBay (a John West post)

I keep an electronic scrapbook of potential B-List posts, organised by topic.
Some topics seem to hang around for ages, and aren't really that funny.  So
I've decided to start getting rid of them under the banner "the b-list posts
that John West would reject", or for the H2G2 afficionados, "Golgafrincham
B Ark b-lists".


Why settle for a mere house when you can buy a whole town or even a state?

1. "Town for sale on Internet"

2. "Aberystwyth available on eBay"

3. "For sale: Town with a view"

4. "Arizona town for sale on eBay for $5.5M"

5. "EBay pulls plug on auction of W.Va."


If you don't know what in the universe Golgafrincham is, and you're curious ...