Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Big Food

1. "World's longest sandwich"
"Lebanese villagers have turned a traditional recipe into what could become the
 latest Guinness Book of Records entrant by making a 720-metre long sandwich"

2. "Cheshire bakery may have world's biggest sandwich"
"Roberts Bakery in Northwich made the 2.5 metres square tuna, mayonnaise and
 cucumber sandwich"

3. "Gingerbread city hopes to be world's largest"
"Rostock in Germany has created a 400 square metre replica of its town centre
 made completely of gingerbread houses"

4. "New world record for largest cookie by U.S. 18-tonne chocolate chip colossus"
"It took eight hours and a cookie sheet the size of a basketball court to bake
 the 30-metre, 18-tonne chocolate chip colossus"

5. "Town bakes 11,000-kilogram strawberry cake"  [registration required]
"About 3000 kilograms of strawberries were used in baking the cake, which is
 2.57 metres high and 2.65 metres wide"

6. "Merrimac chef baking, building world's largest wedding cake"
"The cake will be 17 feet high and weigh 13,000 pounds, more than double the
 weight of the current record-holder"

7. "Baker claims 400ft cake is a record"
"... 440 pounds of whipped cream, 1,000 pints of milk, 1,500 pounds of sugar,
 880 pounds of butter, 90 pounds of chocolate and 22 pounds of cherries"

8. "Giant birthday cake eaten in five seconds"
"A 450-metre long birthday cake was made by bakers in Brazil - and eaten in
 five seconds"

9. "Making a 394-kilogram bagel"
"Take 300 kilograms of flour, 225 grams of dry yeast, 24 kilograms of malt and
 six kilograms of salt. Mix, boil in more than 3,400 litres of water for 30
 minutes, bake at 150 degrees C for 10 hours"