Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Odds and Ends, Wed 9 January 2008

1. "8 Fairy Tales And Their Not-So-Happy Endings"

2. "10 Amazing and Magnificent Trees In the World"

3. "Top 17 Most Bizarre Sights on Google Earth"

4. "Satellites build a picture of the past"
"Gone are the days of a fearless Indiana Jones battling through the
 jungle in search of ancient treasures. Today's archaeologists are
 using high-tech tools - from NASA satellites to Google Earth - to
 do the hard work for them."

5. "Researchers unveil seven great 'medical myths'"
"Despite frequent mentions in the popular press of the need to drink
 eight glasses of water, researchers found no scientific basis for the

6. "Friday becomes 'Greg' after court order"
"An Italian court has ruled a couple could not name their son 'Friday'
 and ordered that he instead be called Gregory after the saint whose
 feast day he was born on."

7. "Boy glues himself to bed to wag school"
"'I remembered my mom had bought a very strong glue,' he said of the
 industrial strength shoe glue he used to stick his hand to the bed's
 metal headboard, where he stayed stuck for two hours."

8. "'Silent' Xmas song climbs the NZ music charts"
"The song was recorded at very high frequencies so only a dog can hear
 it, and it struck such a chord with animal lovers that they have pushed
 it to number three on the singles charts."