Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Mickey Mouse Courses

1. "BA in surfing"
"A college in Wales is offering a bachelor's degree in surfing, saying it
 will help Britain grab a bigger share of the world's multi-billion-dollar
 surfing industry"
   "Teachers attack 'hobby degrees'"
"Hobbies such as surfing are being turned into 'Mickey Mouse' degree courses,
 a teachers' union conference is to be told"
   "'Surf' degree hits the rocks"
"A new course in surf and beach management has been dropped - because no-one
 would take it seriously"

2. "School of rock opens in Buenos Aires"
"A real life school of rock has opened its doors in Argentina"

3. "University offers course on American Idol"
"The University of North Carolina at Charlotte will offer an academic course
 about the TV show American Idol, on which contestants try to sing their way
 to a recording contract"

4. "Lil' Kim to visit college classroom"
"Syracuse University students taking 'Hip-Hop Eshu: - The Life and Times of
 Lil' Kim' will have a guest speaker Wednesday - the multiplatinum recording
 artist herself"

5. "Bra fitting course for students"
"School leavers are being offered the chance to study how to fit a bra"

6. "Qualification in wheel clamping"
"A UK exam board is offering a qualification in wheel clamping"

7. "University offers UFOs course"
"Santiago University is offering a degree in UFOs"

8. "Romanian Star Wars academy"
"Fancy learning how to handle a light sabre like Luke Skywalker or becoming
 fluent in Wookiee?"