Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Kleptomania Kollection

1. "Jail sentence for Englishman who stole and cleaned dozens of cars"
"'He only takes brand new vehicles, drives them around for a couple of
 hours, then he cleans them inside and out. He will even buy a tin of
 polish to give them an extra sparkle and sometimes takes them to a
 car wash to get them extra clean'"

2. "Cookery fan admits stealing 450 library books"

3. "Knicker-thief's mammoth haul"
"Japanese police who arrested a 55-year-old man for stealing women's
 underwear raided his home to find 4000 pairs of knickers collected over
 30 years"

4. "Police officer with handbag fetish convicted"
"A German court convicted a police sergeant with a fetish for women's
 handbags on 15 counts of theft and sentenced him to two and a half
 years in jail"

5. "Left shoe fanatic held in Japan"
"Japanese police have arrested a man for theft after 440 women's left
 shoes were found in his home"

6. "Woman steals 80 bikes"
"The woman, aged 44, had repeatedly stolen bikes parked in the area
 where she lived in Berlin's Marzahn district"