Monday, November 10, 2003

Gnome Gnews (is Good Gnews)

Today's post is partly inspired by the fabulous French film, Amelie, which I
had the pleasure of viewing on the weekend.  For those unfamiliar with the
film, one of the minor threads in the plot involves Amelie "liberating" her
father's garden gnome and sending the gnome on a world tour.

1. "Garden gnomes set free in France"
   "Point of gnome return"

2. "Village ponders gnome mystery"
"The arrival of 14 uninvited garden gnomes on lawns in a Lincolnshire village
 has baffled residents".

3. "Police investigating gnome reports in Ecuador"

4. "Warning: he'll knock £500 off the value of your home"

5. The Liberation of Kevin Gnome and his "Excellent Adventures"
"Going where Gnome Man has gone before!"