Wednesday, December 8, 2004


1. "Man arrested after Thanksgiving food fight"
"It started with a container of whipped cream, mix in some heated
 words, and you've got a food fight that landed one man in jail"

2. "Three injured in retirement home fight over salad"
"Three pensioners ended up in hospital after a fight over lettuce at
 their Florida retirement home"

3. "300 students wage food fight in New York; police called to
    restore order"
"Some 300 teenagers waged a food fight in their school cafeteria so
 fierce that educators had to call police to help them restore order"

4. "Entire 8th grade class suspended over messy, meaty food fight"
"The meaty melee broke out Wednesday at Geeter Middle School, which
 has 637 students in grades six through eight"

5. "Glenwood 8th-graders fling food: Custodians use shovels to clean
    up"  [expired link]
"What the custodians at Glenwood Middle School were shoveling Wednesday
 wasn't snow. It was taco salad, chocolate pudding, milk and other
 items - the remnants of a massive eighth-grade food fight in the
 school cafeteria"

6. "Food fight suspensions"
"'We have to deal with them certainly in a strong manner because it's
 our obligation to ensure the safety and security of all the students
 in the high school and they are entitled to a lunch period that can
 be relaxing without the possibility of being hit by food or food or
 food containers or being injured as try to escape the food fight'"

7. "Woman stabbed trying to break up fork fight"  [expired link]
"A woman was stabbed with a fork Thursday evening when she tried to
 break up a fight between two of her relatives"

8. "Former SF cop acquitted in food fight"  [expired link]
"A former police officer was acquitted Monday of charges linked to
 his involvement in an off-duty fight over a bag of steak fajitas
 two years ago"

If these stories have put you in the mood to fling food about, then
"VirtualFoodFight is the Internet's first food fight (as far as we
 know), where you can toss tasty morsels at your friends, family,
 enemies or innocent bystanders"

(a John West post)