Thursday, June 23, 2005

Taken for a Ride

1. "Cops say bogus bus driver collected fares, followed route"
"The bogus bus driver apparently dropped every one of his passengers off
 safely, at the correct destination"

2. "Bus driver is taken for a ride by pupils"
"Rather than helping the driver, the mischievous pupils led him on an
 estimated 20-mile round trip"

3. "Man charged with drunken ride in stolen plane; teen passengers not
"An intoxicated 20-year-old stole a small plane and took two friends on
 a three-hour, predawn joyride early Wednesday that ended with a safe
 landing at a closed airport, authorities said"

4. "Teenagers stole bus"
"Australian police are looking for three teenagers who stole a bus after
 the driver nipped out to go to the toilet"

5. "Police tell of teen tram thief's obsession"
"A 15-year-old boy who allegedly stole two trams over the weekend, drove
 them a total of more than 25 kilometres and picked up passengers along
 the way is a good lad whose obsession got the better of him, according
 to police"