Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Dobbing Themselves In

1. "Police nab drug dealer by SMS"
"When Anthony Crown texted a methamphetamine offer, he did not know his
 client was sitting in a Wellington police station having just been arrested
 for burglary"

2. "Burglar calls police on himself"
"The man was trying to rob a Dairy Mart when he placed a 911 emergency call
 claiming he was witnessing a burglary. He was apparently trying to divert
 attention from the scene"

3. "Wrong number leads to woman's arrest"
"US police say an Oklahoma woman dialed a wrong number and ended up under
 arrest after she tried to set up a drug deal with her former parole officer"

4. "Robber tries to claim witness reward"
"A man who robbed a petrol station in Norway disguised as a ninja has been
 arrested after coming forward as a witness in a bid to claim a reward"

5. "Spanish robbery suspect makes bad call"
"Madrid police said on Monday they had arrested a 34-year-old man wanted in
 six robbery investigations around Spain after he blew his cover by making
 a crank call to a television crime program about an unrelated murder case"

6. "Man nabbed after macabre Q&A"
"A man who sought advice online about how to dispose of a corpse has been
 arrested in connection with a murder"

7. "Faulty poison sparks complaint"
"A Romanian man complained to consumer protection officials after his
 attempt to poison his neighbour's dog failed"

8. "Stuck, with stolen fire truck, man finishes binge in the mud"
"He called for a tow truck on the engine's radio. The problem was, the
 intoxicated Gipson-Reynolds had just stolen the fire truck, crashing
 through the fire station door, to try to push his car out of the same mud"

9. "Mistaken 911 call results in drug arrest"  [expired link]
"Investigators said the wrong number led them Wednesday to one the largest
 methamphetamine laboratories ever found in Bay County"